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We determine the necessary scope of work required to develop the appropriate report; no more, no less.  We provide the inspection and identification on-site.  Photographs are included at no additional cost to client.  We resolve authentication issues.  We will arrange for expert consultation when warranted.

Referrals to reputable service providers

  • Complete estate sale service
  • Furniture restoration
  • Consignments and auctions

Fee Disclosure

Fees are scheduled at an hourly billing rate.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.  Fees are determined by the nature and scope of the assignment. 

  • We will not provide or accept finder's fees in regard to the procurement of an assignment

  • Fees shall not be based on appraisal result, outcome or percentage of value

  • We will not accept items of personal property in lieu of professional fees

  • We have no interest in purchasing your merchandise

Due to the nature of the professional appraisal standards there cannot be ball park free appraisals.


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