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Novotny & Sonntag

William Novotny

Bill is a second-generation antique dealer and has owned several antique stores, since 1979.  He has exhibited at better shows and malls.  He knows his way in auction markets.  He is an advanced collector and a student of the decorative arts.  His estate sale experience is invaluable at producing successful events.

An Appraisal Professional

Graduated College of Appraisers, 1993
International Society of Appraisers
Accredited 1996
Requalified 2001, 2006
Antiques & Residential Contents Specialist
AQB Certified USPAP Instructor
Damage Claims Appraisal Specialist
Appraisal Core Course Instructor
Bachelor of Arts - U.C. Riverside
Completed Course Work - Master of Arts
Meets Continuing Education Requirements

Terry D. Sonntag

Terry has been involved in the wholesale or retail ends of the antiques market since the 1970's.  He was a co-owner and operations director of a large antique mall.  He owned and operated the Santa Clarita Antique Center.  He sold it in 2004 in order to devote more time and energy to appraisal studies.  He has been a store buyer and consultant to retail clients for many years.  Terry attends a variety of auctions on a continual basis to remain current in market values.

Terry is an accredited member of the Appraisers National Association and a retired member of the International Society of Appraisers. He specializes in antiques and residential contents.  He has a very strong investigative and research background.  He has been an adjunct professor at Santa Clarita's College of the Canyons since 1991. 

  • Appraisers National Association

  • Accredited Member

  • Coursework - UC, Irvine

  • Meets Continuing Education Requirements

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